Did Farrah Abraham Accept Steve Hirsch's Lie Detector Challenge?

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Last week, Vivid Entertainment CEO Steve Hirsch called Farrah Abraham out in a big way.

In response to her claims that she was drugged and raped multiple times while on tour for her first sex tape, Steve said he's not buying it.

"To that end," he told FishWrapper. "I would be willing to offer a million dollars...a million dollars...to take a lie detector test. We will agree on the right polygraph expert...take a polygraph test...and if she can prove that she was actually drugged and raped multiple times when she was on a promotional tour for the first Backdoor Teen Mom movie, I'll give her a million bucks."

He then said that if it turned out she was lying, she'd have to admit that she lied, forego all future royalties AND give them back all the money she took in as a result.

Obviously, a very high-stakes situation.

But, if she was telling the truth, that's a pretty huge payday for just confirming the story.

Unfortunately, Farrah doesn't seem to want any part of Steve's offer. Her lawyer told FishWrapper that Farrah has "no comment on the offer made by Vivid."

Steve's response?

"This is exactly what I expected from Farrah. She's a fraud. We know she loves money, but once she gets called out she's afraid to respond. First you can't stop the lies and then you can't find her. She's incapable of telling the truth."

In other news, TMZ reports that Farrah signed all of her rights from the sex tape footage over to Vivid and after releasing a second installment, they are said to be working on a third.

While Farrah has been accused of doing things for publicity purposes in the past, it sounds to us like this situation is far from set up. It also sounds like it's far from over.

Not "team Vivid" anymore, are you Farrah?

Whose side are you on?

Farrah Abraham: Caught in the Contraceptive Isle ... Again

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