Troian Bellisario Stars in The Head and the Heart's Music Video--Watch!

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Troian Bellisario shines in The Head and the Heart's latest music video.

In the retro video for "Another Story," which was inspired by the Newtown tragedy, the Seattle folk-rock band tells the story of heartbreak and overcoming it.

Dressed up in a feminine floral dress, Troian meets up with a female friend, and we get a glimpse into their relationship--they go bike riding, hold hands, and have a photo shoot together with an old school camera in the woods, among other things.

And we also see her friend's not-so-stellar home life, before she gets hit by a car and dies.

"Another Story" was written around the time of the Newtown shootings," guitarist Josiah Johnson told Buzzfeed. "Jon [Russell] is a big NPR listener, and that was just all day, every day. Detail after detail that just sticks in your brain and you can't fathom what or why or how. The song is Jon's way of clearing his head."

"There's a line in it, like, "Everybody feels a little crazy but they go on living with it," and what makes this one guy pop off? People deal with feeling depressed all the time, there's heavy shit going on in everybody's world. What is different? What is going on there? There's no making sense of it. The song is a way of having a catharsis about the whole thing."

As for why the Pretty Little Liars star wanted to be in the video, Troian said. "My favorite music videos have always had a narrative. They tell a complete story, without dialogue, in a short amount of time. And whether it is silly or sad, a good music video has the opportunity to create images that the listener will forever associate with that song."

"When I first heard 'Another Story' I loved the melody, but what truly stuck with me were the simple but haunting lyrics. Without being melodramatic, without sensationalizing, the song mourns those who have lost their way, and the pain they leave in their wake. It is a powerful piece of music and it deserves and equally powerful video. That's what our director Andrew Hines had in mind. And I think that's what he made."

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