Daniel Radcliffe Sports Long Hair, Has Mini Harry Potter Reunion With Rupert Grint

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Long hair, don't care...check out Daniel Radcliffe with long hair, as he reunited with his Harry Potter co-star Rupert Grint at the What's On Stage awards.

We can barely decide what to focus on here--Daniel's long hair extensions or Harry Potter and Ron Weasley together again.

We know, it's a lot to look at.

While Daniel's long hair isn't a new development, everyone is talking about it today.

He got the hair extensions for a movie role in Frankenstein (he's playing Igor!)--but it sounds like having the lengthy locks isn't going to be a permanent thing.

Daniel told The Telegraph: "I don't mind how it looks but I mind dealing with it. I don't know why any man would have it voluntarily."

He added, "The amount of work it takes, having to dry it--doing anything to it is a f------ nightmare. I do have a whole new sympathy for women. I wouldn't be growing my hair this long in my own time."

Daniel is enjoying the ride, but we expect his short hair will be back soon, as he explained, "I actually don't mind it because there's something really fun about looking totally different and seeing yourself that way. But it's not a permanent change."

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