LL Cool J Calls Kanye West Out: "I Love You Man, But You Gotta Stop Complaining"

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If you're sick of hearing Kanye West complain, you and LL Cool J (and a lot of other people) have something in common.

During his appearance on Monday night's episode of Arsenio, the rapper talked about who he thought were some of the hottest rappers right now.

Kanye's name was thrown into the mix, but it was kind of a backhanded compliment. As he was listing off some of his favorites, LL said, "...Kanye West-- when he's not complaining."

"Right, right, right," Arsenio agreed.

In case there was any misunderstanding, LL Cool J clarified, adding, "I love you man, but you gotta stop complaining."

Then, Aresnio cracked a joke about that time Kanye ran head-on into a street sign and then LL Cool J realized that it's all fun and games until you become the target of Kanye's next rant, so he tried to backtrack a little bit.

In case you need a refresher course on the things Kanye has expressed displeasure with, check out the gallery below of 10 things the rapper simply can't stand.

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Gallery | 10 Things Kanye West Can't Stand


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