Adam Sandler Brings Drew Barrymore to Tears on the 'Tonight Show'

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Drew Barrymore couldn't help but get a little misty-eyed as she and Adam Sandler reflected on their past and growing old together.

In an impromptu song called "Every 10 Years," the Wedding Singer and 50 First Dates duo reminisced on The Tonight Show about the first time they met, with Sandler going on to croon that he would love the pregnant star until her "boobs touched the floor."

"Every 10 years, I promise to love you," Drew started the tune, with Adam adding, "I'll always be true, even as we get older."

"You are the [Fred] Astaire to my Ginger Rogers," Drew went on, with Adam replying, "You're the Rob Ford to my crack cocaine."

And while Sandler claimed in song that he was Barrymore's best movie husband ever (even better than Jimmy Fallon in their 2005 Fever Pitch), it was his little ditty at the end that brought the mom to tears.

"Oh, I could be the man who grows old with you," Adam crooned, singing a line from their Wedding Singer film. "I want to grow old with Drew-y!"

Then, came the waterworks...and a super sweet embrace.

Check out the full clip of the song below!

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