Creepy Alert! "Dead" Mississippi Man Wakes Up in Body Bag

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File this one under things that completely creeped us out.

Although it looked like 78-year-old Walter Williams died in his home Wednesday night, it simply wasn't the case.

Here's what went down: A coroner came to the Lexington, Miss. resident's home and pronounced him dead. Then, Walter's nephew, Eddie Hester, watched as his relative was placed in a body bag, which was zipped up and taken to Porter and Sons Funeral Home.

Right before they were getting ready to embalm him though, Walter started kicking inside the body bag, according to ABC News. As it turns out, he was very much alive (and probably scared the crap out of the funeral workers).

Walter was rushed to a nearby hospital, where he has since been recovering from the whole ordeal. And no, this wasn't one of those prank promos (a la the NYC Walking Dead hoax) for the upcoming show Resurrection.

As for how all this happened, Holmes County coroner Dexter Howard said it's possible Walter's pacemaker shut down and then started up again.

A 'Dead' Man Woke Up During His Own Funeral
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