Farrah Abraham's Parenting Skills Under Fire Again

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Farrah Abraham has been criticized in the past for her parenting skills. Fans were outraged when she took her then 4-year-old daughter Sophia to the Vivid Entertainment offices during the negotiation of her sex tape and many critics also wondered who was taking care of her daughter while she was doing appearances at strip clubs.

Over the weekend, a catch-up special entitled Being Farrah aired to show us what the former Teen Mom star is doing these days.

Unfortunately, the show just brought more criticism for Farrah as people were wondering why in the world she still lets her use a pacifier.

Sophia celebrated her 5th birthday over the weekend, so she was probably just shy of the big b-day during taping.

While the show was airing, fans took to Twitter to express their complete confusion, or in most cases--criticism, about the situation.

Here are some of their comments:

I'm watching #BeingFarrah & I can't believe at 4yrs old Sophia still has a pacifier......

Why is Sophia still using a pacifier?! She's like 5 #BeingFarrah

Farrah Abraham's daughter Sophia is 5 years old, she should not be walking around with a pacifier in her mouth.

& I don't know a lot about babies and stuff but isn't Sophia too grown to have a pacifier?

While watching #BeingFarrah I just want to rip that pacifier out of Sophia's mouth. She it WAY too old for that.

So far, Farrah hasn't responded to the comments, but she did retweet a comment from a fan that asked why people are always hating on her and said that she's doing an "awesome job" as a single parent.

Still, we have to ask: How old is too old for a pacifier?

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