Let These Pugs Help You Brush Up on Your Oscar Noms

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Dogs reenacting scenes from Oscar-nominated films. Sounds like it could either be really cute or really weird. Well, we've watched it twice and we still haven't made up our minds.

There are some very good things in the video. For example, the dogs are cute, but we're dog lovers, so we even think the "world's ugliest dog" was endearing in his own way (RIP Elwood). Anyway, so the video has that going for it. They also use a couple of cute little dog references like "I need to get my paws on that" and one dog accusing another dog of the serious offense of "trafficking kibble." There is also a Bradley Pooper character and a couple of other cute canine-celeb name hybrids, so that was kind of funny.

Then, there are the not-so-amazing aspects of the video--like why are they only using pugs? Where are the Cocker Spaniels and Golden Retrievers and all of those guys? Also, it does get a tiny bit redundant after awhile, but considering dogs aren't skilled Oscar-nominated actors and actresses, we guess we can't expect too much from them.

Still, it's a fun refresher course if you want to see who is nominated for the awards this Sunday. No, it's not a complete list--but it's the only one we know of that is comprised entirely of canines, so it's got that going for it.

(h/t Elite Daily)

Dogs, Dogs Dogs!: Behind The Scenes

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