'Naked Brother's Band' Star Alex Wolff Hits the Big Screen (Fully Clothed)

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You may remember Alex Wolff from Nickelodeon's show The Naked Brothers Band or Fall Out Boy's music video for "The Take Over, The Breaks Over," but now he's all grown up and hitting the big screen. We chatted up Alex about his latest film HairBrained. It's about a 14-year-old prodigy who attends a wannabe Ivy League college and meets a 41-year-old freshman, Leo (Brendan Frasier). Check out the 5 things you should know about Alex:

5: His role as Eli in HairBrained is his most unique yet. "The character is one of the most interesting in any scripts I've ever read. It's not a token nerd character, and the script was hilarious and deadpan. I related to Eli's animosity and sarcasm. I had to be a lot of things--angry, very tough and sarcastic cause of his tough family life. Yet he's sweet and kind."

4: The Naked Brothers Band wasn't just a show, it's a real band Alex is in with his older brother Nat. "We have a song in the movie, "Losing You To The Crowd." We put out an album called Black Sheep 3 years ago and we're working on a bunch of new music and we're putting it in the movies we're doing. We just go back and forth between music and movies."

3: Alex's parents are also no strangers to the industry. His mother is Polly Drapper, a screenwriter and actress and his father is Michael Wolff, a composer and pianist. "They don't ever let me get big headed about anything, they don't let me get arrogant. They keep me on the ground and they've always done that. They've always made it like 'You're lucky to be doing any of this, it's really tough.'"

2: The 16-year-old can't just choose one job for the long hall. "I don't want to choose, and I don't think I'm going to choose, ever. I think I'm going to do them all simultaneously. TV is a little bit harder, but if the right thing came around I'd one-hundred percent be into doing it. But definitely music, movies and plays."

1: In addition to HairBrained, Alex has a new film coming out on March 21 called A Birder's Guide to Everything with Ben Kingsley, Katie Chang, Kodi Smit-McPhee and Michael Chen. "It's a really great movie that I'm really proud of. It was at Tribeca and it was the runner up for the Audience Award."

HairBrained opens tonight.
Hairbrained - Trailer No. 1


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