Teen Mom Star Gary Shirley Defends Parenting Decision

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Teen Mom star Gary Shirley was put in a pretty tough position when he suddenly found himself with sole custody of his daughter, Leah, when his ex Amber Portwood went to prison back in 2012.

Gary had to suddenly adjust to essentially being a single parent for what was supposed to be five years (Amber ended up getting released after about a year and a half) and along with that responsibility came a lot of difficult decisions. Should he tell their daughter what was really going on? If so, should he take her to visit her mom behind bars?

Obviously, it's very easy for people to sit back and judge, which is exactly what people have been doing to poor Gary. He has even taken a lot of heat for the fact that he made a Twitter account for fans to keep up with his daughter. While that's neither here nor there (he's a public figure and a father, that's his decision, not ours) a somewhat more controversial call that Gary made now has him under fire again.

Gary is now under fire for the fact that he did tell little Leah where her mom was and even took her to visit a handful of times. Fed up, Gary took to Twitter to defend his decisions, writing, "Amber was to be in prison for 5 years so you mean I shouldn't of taken Leah to see her mom at all? If Leah wouldn't of known where her mom was she would of felt abandoned and when I took Leah to visit she knew anyways. Some of u! Not all but some are just plain idiots! If u think it's possible to lie about why mommy isn't around for a year and a half! And she was to be in 5 years we didn't know 100 % if she would get out early! You never know what happens!"

Of course, there are also people who think Gary didn't take Leah to visit Amber enough, so no matter what he would have done, somebody would be unhappy. Hey, as long as he's doing what he truly believes is best for his daughter, good on him.

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