Chris Brown and Rihanna: Headed for a Reconciliation?

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Sometimes Hollywood is A LOT like high school and that includes having "that couple" who just can't pick a relationship status and stick to it. One day they're totally together and then they're donzo "for good this time, you guys." Like, seriously, you two--get it together...or apart. We don't really care what you do, but please just make up your minds already...

Hollywood's hottest make-up, break-up couple of the moment seems to be Chris Brown and Rihanna. By the time we're done scrolling through all of the sexy Instagram pics they've posted of their latest rendezvous, they've already called it quits. This last time, though, it looked like it was for real, so we forced ourselves to finally get over the whole thing and just when we were getting ready to move on--bam! "Chrihanna" busts right back in our lives again. Yes, we totally made that name up, but it's kinda catchy, isn't it?

Actually, if we are just going on names alone, Chris and Rihanna are definitely a better pairing than Chris and his other on-again, off-again girlfriend, Karrueche Tran. "Chrrueche?" No... it just doesn't have the same ring to it.

Speaking of Karrueche, she and Chris have reportedly called it quits (for the time being) and Chris and Rihanna are supposedly texting up a storm.

"Chris started texting Rihanna on her birthday [Feb. 20], and the two have been sending each other a flurry of texts ever since," a source told the New York Post's Page Six. "Rihanna didn't write back right away . . . but later that night she started getting sentimental and texted back, 'thank you,' and asked how he was."

Whoa, she said "thank you" AND asked how he was doing?! That sounds like some serious business. The source did say, however, they've been texting a whole bunch since then--although no word yet on if she asked him how he was doing again because that might just be taking things way too fast.

Hold on, though, what about Drake? Weren't he and Rihanna just grinding on each other in Paris? "Or Nah...?" which just so happens to be the last thing Drake tweeted and also totally makes sense, given the circumstances. Maybe he is just as confused as we are?

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