Did Coca-Cola Ever Really Have Cocaine in It?

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We've all heard the rumors about Coca-Cola. Right? In case you're not up to speed on your soda urban legends, people say that the soft drink actually used to contain cocaine way back in the day--and we're talking WAY back in the day, so if you have "high" hopes of buying a vintage bottle of Coke online, think again.

Anyway, as it turns out, this is more than just a crazy rumor. The soda DID actually contain cocaine. According to this video, not only did the soda contain cocaine, it was alcoholic, too. Yikes, that sounds like a pretty potent combination.

What's more, the inventor of Coke was actually a pharmacist who never made any money in pharmaceuticals. The party ended in 1903, however, when caffeine replaced cocaine as the "stimulant" in the soda.

Still, there is a lot more mystery surrounding the carbonated drink. Like the fact that it contains a "secret ingredient," which we're sure is legal BUT you might be allergic to it and not even know it. And only two people have access to the vault containing the soda's super secret recipe.

For more fun facts about the popular drink, check out the video above.

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