Ed Sheeran Says That the One Direction Guys Need More Burgers in Their Lives

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The One Direction guys don't need a personal trainer or nutritionist, they have their buddy Ed Sheeran to help them out with their physiques. During a recent interview with Ryan Seacrest, Ed joked that the 1D dudes are too slender and could benefit from his new diet.

Ed was asked who he thought the "buffest" member of the boyband was. He responded, "I don't know, any of them... Do they bench press?"

When Ryan told him that Liam Payne said before that he survives on coffee and Kit Kats, Ed gave the whole 1D gang good advice, if you ask us.

"I think they'd enjoy themselves more if they didn't just eat Kit Kats and drink coffee. Who wants to do that? Eat a burger now and then, man, c'mon! I'm on my fried diet at the moment. If it's fried I'll eat it."

"See the way that I measure buffness for me, is I have a one pack, it's actually very impressive," Ed joked.

"I go through rolls on my stomach. I started out with three rolls, which is a good amount of beer and stuff like that but then, the more you drink and the more you eat, you get two rolls and then one roll and then it's just one gut."

"But you end up having a really tough gut," Ed added. "So it's like having a six pack but it's a one pack."

Ed also told Ryan that he has written around 120 songs for his forthcoming, new album.

"I wrote a lot of stuff. I wrote the whole of this next record. Over the course of the year, I wrote 120 songs...America is one of those countries where you have a lot of experiences and meet a lot of new people - it's not like rapping about road changes, but there are songs inspired by Nashville and things like that, and I took more influence from music here, I got to work with a lot of very cool people over here producer-wise."

Check out Ed's awesome performance with Elton John at the Oscars the other night here.

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