Meet Singer-Songwriter Dylan Reynolds (You Won't Believe Who His Roommate Is)

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Get ready to hear a whole lot of Dylan Reynolds.

Dylan is a 22-year-old singer-songwriter from Pittsburgh, Pa. who is going to make you fall in love with his music. (Is it just us, or does he bear quite a resemblance to Glee's Chord Overstreet?) A childhood friend of Mac Miller, Dylan is getting ready to release his very first EP and gave us a call to talk all about it. Check out the 5 things you should know about him.

5: Being a musician wasn't Dylan's first career choice. "I actually was more of an athlete when I was a kid. I wanted to be a professional quarterback--that was my initial dream. I moved out to California in high school to do football and I got a concussion and I had to quit. So I moved back to Pittsburgh and started playing guitar."

4: His musical influences definitely show in his songs. "I listened to a lot of Bob Dylan and Neil Young when I was younger. Middle school is when I discovered Jeff Buckley, Radiohead and then Kings of Leon." He likes to describe his sound as, "soul base, singer-songwriter with some electronic in there."

3: We could only imagine how exciting it's been for Dylan to see Mac's journey. "I went to middle school and elementary school with him and it's been amazing. It's been surreal and I can't even really explain it." Mac's advice to him? "Just to be patient and to do what you want from the beginning."

2: Since he lives with Mac, he says they "pretty much collaborate everyday." But there is a specific song he wants to release. "I did a track with him and Diplo like a year ago. We have no plans to put it out right now, but I'm really pushing to put it out at some point." He did tell us he helped with a couple of "Oohhs" and "Aahhs" on Mac's album.

1: Dylan's first EP is getting ready to drop in April. "I'm going to SXSW on March 15 and then I come back and I have a show--my album release party. The EP, Lifeline, has six songs and it's coming out on April 8."

Check out Dylan's single "Young and Set" below.

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