Nicole Richie Shows Off Her Purple Hair

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Purple hair, don't care! At least that's the mane motto Kelly Osbourne and now Nicole Richie are living by. While Kelly has been rocking the lavender hue for quite some time, Nicole just took the purple plunge and we have to say, it actually looks kinda cool.

Yeah, maybe the 32-year-old is a little over-the-hill in terms of when one normally experiments with such colorful hair hues, but whatever, she did it and she's owning it.

"About last night," the fashion designer captioned the purple-haired photo on Instagram, which already has almost 60,000 likes, so it sounds like everyone is totally cool with the new color choice.

In some earlier photos, it looked like it was a little light and kind of went into that borderline gray hair-looking territory that Kelly O. is often teetering on the edge of, but in the newer photos, it looks like she took it up a notch and it looks a lot better. Well, as "better" as having purple hair can look--it's all relative.

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