Sneak Peek at Lindsay Lohan's Reality Show

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In case you haven't had enough of the Lohans on reality shows (remember Living Lohan, anyone?) Lindsay Lohan is now giving the people what they want and she's now starring in her very "OWN" reality show...on OWN.

Now, the trailer is a standard sneak peek filled with a whole bunch of intense moments that we don't get to see fully play out, because you know, that's why you MUST tune in to the show, but there was one moment that really did show us the reality of Lindsay Lohan in its full glory.

As the embattled actress was playing games and kind of not showing up for things, Oprah Winfrey started to get a little miffed. Finally, the two come face-to-face and Oprah doesn't pull any punches. "You need to cut the bullsh*t, you really do," Oprah told her.

Oprah. Said. Bullsh*t. We couldn't believe it either, we actually had to watch it twice, but sure as sh*t, she said bullsh*t, which means she's a real person, who really talks just like we do. So, Oprah is JUST like us--except for the fact that she has like a bajillion dollars in the bank and mansions all over the place and she gives away cars like we hand out sticks of gum, but whatever, she says "bullsh*t" and now we love her even more.

Oprah Buys Long-Lost Sister a $500K Home

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