Demi Lovato Calls For An End to 'Twerk,' 'YOLO' and Other Annoying Words

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If you're so over "twerk" and "YOLO" makes you stabby, you're in good company. Demi Lovato hopped on Twitter to give the rundown of slang and trendy words that she hopes will go away very soon. We can't say we disagree with her.

Demi kicked things off by tweeting: "Words that already need to disappear for 2014: 'SLAAAYYYY' and 'YAAASSSS' anyone?" She added, "Was gonna make a list and tweet this back in January. They still need to disappear.... Hahaha"

In addition to "Yas" and "Slay," she listed "Twerk," "Turnt" and "Bae" (which she thought was a typo, lol)...but did her fans agree? For the most part, although a few weren't feeling her banned words list.

Demi tweeted: "SLAY and YAS are the new TWERK and TURNT and those were the new SWAG and YOLO." Of course, one fan was quick to point out that she has tweeted "turnt" a month ago, calling her "inconsistent."

Demi's response? "I tweet it with much sarcasm!!"

And for the fan that objected, "so we can't say YAS, SLAY, TWERK, TURNT, SWAG, YOLO or BAE so what CAN we say?," the singer had a pretty great suggestion: "The rest of the entire English language."

We hear ya, Demi.

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