Do You Know What HTML Stands For? Hint: It's Not an STD

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Everyone knows what LOL, STFU and WTF mean, but do any of us actually know what HTML stands for? If you ask us, we'd say it's "that stuff that websites use," but that's about the extent of our knowledge in that category, which is surprisingly more informed than most Americans are about the subject. apparently did a survey and they found that 1/10 Americans think that HTML is an STD--assuming they know what that acronym means.

Now, we say apparently because the legitimacy of the survey has been called into question. While we could totally believe that people might not be able to fully explain what the heck HTML actually is...the fact that SO many people thought it was an STD is so funny, it almost seems too good to be true. Maybe it is?

The journalism ethics site iMediaEthics reports that the press release citing these stats was actually issued by a PR firm, which has been involved in viral publicity stunts in the past, so that raises even more cause for suspicion. So does the fact that the survey claimed 15% of respondents believed "software" is comfortable clothing. Come on, people.

For what it's worth, the firm is standing by the survey, telling the Los Angeles Times that it's "100% genuine, and it's a valid survey."

Regardless, with all of this sexting and texting business going on, maybe it wouldn't hurt to start practicing safe surfing anyway. Where is the PSA for that one?

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