Katy Perry Isn't Bummed About Her Breakup With John Mayer, But We Are

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Katy Perry has been gushing about John Mayer in recent interviews, so it was more than a little surprising when their relationship (which was surrounded by engagement rumors) suddenly flat-lined.

So, what exactly caused the musical duo to hit "stop" on their love song? Despite John's playboy reputation, it doesn't sound like Katy had any qualms when it came to his loyalty. According to E! News, she just felt that something was missing in their relationship and she was actually relieved when she finally decided to pull the plug.

We, on the other hand, were totally surprised--especially because we were totally in love with their love: John dedicating that song to Katy, the ring, all the recent PDA, the whole "Who You Love" thing, him hanging out with her 'rents, Disneyland--are we just supposed to pretend like all of that never happened?!

Katy seems to pretty much be over it, though, so we're just gonna have to dust ourselves off and move on--after we finish this pint of ice cream.

As for the "Roar" singer's current relationship status, she's already got a new "boyfriend." During a post-breakup appearance on a morning show in Australia, Katy pointed to a cute koala who was hanging out on set and said that he was her "boyfriend." Oh no, her new single status isn't going to turn into the crazy cat koala lady, is it?

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