Man Trying to Beat Oscar Photo Retweet Record, How's He Doing?

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Watch out, Ellen DeGeneres...this man and his two dogs are nipping at your heels. Well, sort of.

Terry Shipman is trying to beat the Oscars photo retweet record and he is starting to pick up some steam, but the popularity of his photo isn't shut down the social media site just yet. While Ellen's epic selfie already has over 3.3 million retweets, Terry is a little bit behind with just over 134,000.

To be fair, Ellen totally had a head start and she posted hers two days before Terry posted his, so if Terry picks up another 134,000 every day...yeah, it'll be awhile before he gets anywhere near Ellen's record.

The other big bummer for the T-man is that he (accidentally?) posted the same photo one minute before without the retweet request and he totally wasted 565 retweets on that. Sixty seconds later, he had brushed up on his social media skills and posted the same selfie with the caption "Let's see if we can beat the Oscar re-tweets!" and he's already gotten a little boost from the Today show, where Carson Daly live-retweeted the photo from the show's Orange Room.

Some people are saying it's a hoax, which we're not entirely sure about because he isn't getting a whole lot of love--so who knows why the naysayers are saying that, but whatever. Good luck, Terry.

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