Jennifer Aniston Gives Her Dogs Anti-Aging Water?

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What the Fido?! Jennifer Aniston loves to pamper her pooches, we totally get that and we fully support her cause because dogs are everything, but is she taking things a touch too far?

Here's the deal: According to RadarOnline, the A-list actress is giving her dogs anti-aging water that costs $2 a bottle. "Jen has bought into Hollywood's latest anti-aging water trend, 'Kangen Water,' a low alkaline anti-aging water that A-listers get delivered to their homes," their source said.'s probably for the people, no?

Apparently, Jen is trying to defy the laws of nature and is hoping to re-define the "dog years" standard. "She and Justin don't want them [their two pups] to age as quickly as Jen's dog Norman, who died a few years ago," they said. For the record, Norman was 15 when he passed (RIP Norman), which as any dog owner knows is pretty standard.

If these hounds have gone totally Hollywood, what does that even mean? Will drinking the good stuff give them a shinier coat, less fine lines, will it lift (all ten of) their breasts if they start to sag?

First it's anti-aging water and then what's next? Designer poop bags? Oh, don't have designer dog poop bags, do you?

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