Jimmy Fallon and Lindsay Lohan Play a Drinking Game...With Water

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What would beer pong be like without the beer...or the pong? Lindsay Lohan and Jimmy Fallon have decided to find out the answer to the question nobody wanted to know.

During her appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, the recently-rehabbed actress played a game of war...and the loser gets (are you ready for this?) water thrown in their face. Ohhhhhh! What 8-year-old thought of that one? Basically, it's a game that would be a lot more fun if you were drunk, but you know...

So, here's a quick summary of what happened: Jimmy won the first round and got to do what Oprah was probably dying to do while they were filming that LiLo reality show. Then, things went south quickly for Jimmy (literally) after Lindsay took control of the game and blasted him with a water cannon. Oh, and someone's nipples got hard.

We give them credit for pretending like they're having a good time, but let's be real, nobody's favorite part of a drinking game is the actual game.

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