Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard Go Toe-to-Toe With Paparazzi and Nobody Wins

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Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are on a mission and these parents aren't afraid of going toe-to-toe with the paparazzi in order to prove their point. On Access Hollywood, the celebs got into a bit of a shouting match with the owner of a paparazzi agency and one of his reporters--and let's just say that's one pow-wow we're really glad we weren't invited to.

To catch you up to speed real quick, Kristen and Dax are angry that paparazzi are allowed to take photos of celeb kids, which is nothing new, but the progress they're making definitely is. In fact, they have almost been more successful than Halle Berry and Jennifer Garner, who helped get a Senate Bill passed that redefined "harassment" of children. What it didn't do, however, was make publishing images of children against the law, so Kristen and Dax created a cute little word mash-up and embarked on their anti-"pedorazzi" campaign.

Obviously, there are two sides to every story and this cringe-worthy video shows you what happens when you put two very passionate people from each side of the opposing viewpoint on the same set together. Basically, after the super-smooth Billy Bush introduction, things went south very quickly.

"We did choose it [celebrity], but our child hasn't chosen to be a public figure," Dax argued. "So why should our child have to suffer because of the career path we've chosen?" Point. Counter-point: the guys argued that it's their Constitutional right to take the photos and there's a demand for them. Counter-counter-point: Dax quips "there's a demand for drugs, too, should they supply those because there's a demand?"

Yep, you can see where this is going...if you want to watch the whole argument, check out the video above. If you're pressed for time and just want a recap of the amazingly awkward encounter, we've got your quick-fix in the video below.

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