New Study Says Hangovers Don't Deter Drinking Habits

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The participants in this study are either the luckiest survey-takers ever or the most unfortunate people in the world--maybe a little bit of both.

Basically, they had to drink a lot (which doesn't sound so bad) but then they had to document their hangover the next morning in a diary. OK, that would suck.

When you have a hangover, you just want a piece of toast, a dark room and (maybe a bloody mary?) and perhaps one of those "hangover pills." What you don't want is to sit down and get all philosophical about the pounding headache you have.

Anyway, they did it and the study concluded that hangovers don't deter drinking behavior and that instead, adult beverage consumption is more determined more by "a host of factors, like day of the week, opportunity, and social plans." Does that "social plans" category count being on a really bad date? If not, they might want to consider that as a contributing factor.

Fun fact: Some of the diary entries in the study were missing because participants were "too hung over."

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