5 Questions We Ask Our Boyfriends That We Don't Want the Real Answers To

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Women are confusing creatures--in fact, sometimes we don't even understand ourselves, but for any guy who is feeling a little extra lost, here are five questions we ask that we don't want the real answers to. Make something up, lie to us, do whatever you have to do, just do not tell us what you're really thinking when it comes to these five questions. 

1. Does this make me look fat?


2. Do you want to meet my parents?


3. Do you think [insert any girl's name] is pretty?


4. Do you wanna cuddle?


5. Did you see that girl's boobs?

In case you need a cheat sheet, the correct answers are: No, Yes, No, Yes, No. Bonus points if you look around, dumbfounded and say "who?" on the last one. You're welcome. 


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