Harry Styles: He's a "Virtual Stranger" to One Direction?

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We know a lot of rumors have been flying about all the time Harry Styles has spent in L.A.--ranging from the company he's keeping (Kendall Jenner, Johnny Depp, Leo DiCaprio) to him looking for a house so he can live in the states.

But here's the absolutely best we've heard yet--because of Harry's extended U.S. stay during One Direction's break before kicking off the next tour, well...it turns out he's become a stranger to the band.

Seriously? Like, they don't even know him anymore? Yeah, well...we're not buying it either. Truth is, none of the One Direction guys are exactly hanging out all together during their time off because they'll be spending plenty of time together once the tour starts.

But back to that "stranger" bit, as a source told The Daily Star: "It's as if Harry isn't part of the group. It's going to come to a head now because for the first time in months they are going to be spending every day together as they rehearse for this summer's tour. The boys want reassurances from Harry that he's in the group for the long haul."

Oh yeah, another breakup rumor. Seems about right.

The source added, "They won't let him just use them for his own career ambitions. They want to know what's really going on...It's like he has two separate lives now. One in America and his work with the band. Now he's going to come back in and act like they are all best mates again? It's unlikely!"

Good stuff. Thanks for the laugh.

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