Jessica Simpson : The Caption Killed the Photo

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Hey, Jessica Simpson--Breaking News: You're gorgeous and you are already the subject of fantasy fodder, you don't need to try so hard.

In this photo, the fashion designer wanted everyone to see that she and her friends got really close during a pal's baby shower. "Girls night out...with our guys watching..@odetteannable @stephenieleighpearson ;) yummy," she captioned the photo.

OK, a couple of things. We get that she was trying to say the guys got to watch and the whole thing, but that is kind of implied, no? It scales back the sexy factor when you actually spell it out. Kind of like when you're hooking up with someone and they give you a play-by-play of what's going on. We get it, we're right there. Total buzzkill.

Then, the "yummy" part at the end just feels entirely too desperate. Nobody says "yummy" about sexy stuff anymore, unless maybe you're utilizing some edible massage oil or something along those lines, but we very much doubt you'll hear the word "yummy" flying around at a strip club or see it popping up in a porn script.

In short, the caption totally killed what was a potentially sexy photo. Thanks for nothing, Jess.

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