We Dare You to Be in a Bad Mood After You Watch This Monkey Drink From a Bottle

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Hit with a bad case of the Monday blues? Join the club, but this monkey drinking from a baby bottle might help snap you out of it. In fact, if you don't think it's even kind of cute, we can't be friends.

The video was actually advertised as a "monkey brain freeze," which is what got us to click on it in the first place. At first, we were kind of bummed because it didn't exactly live up to our expectations on that front...and then we realized that we were horrible people for the fact that we watched it with the hope that he would get one.

When we took a second look at the video, however, there is a moment where the monkey might have been hit with a case of cold-brain. Either that or he was just stopping to take a breath, but none of that matters because he's cute and he stares up at the camera with those big baby monkey eyes and...is it even legal to have one of those as a pet? (Update: We looked it up and there is actually an entire website dedicated to pet monkeys, which are illegal where we are so we're SOL on the monkey front, but maybe you'll have better luck).

Woman Charged With Keeping Illegal Pet Monkey; Daughter Suffers Scratches
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