20 Strangers 'First Kiss' Video Is Uncomfortable to Watch But Beautiful Too

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Ah, a first kiss. Exciting...new...maybe a little bit awkward. Now imagine how terrifying it would be to kiss a total stranger. Not a smooch either--but a full on makeout sesh. Yeah, we don't know if we'd have the guts to do it either, but check out this video called "First Kiss" to see what happens.

Filmmaker Tatia Pilieva got 20 strangers to kiss on camera and the results are, as you'd expect, awkward. And cute. And kind of beautiful, really. What's the point of this experiment? Advertising. Yep, clothing brand Wren is using the viral video for their 2014 fall collection.

And there's the buzzkill. If this made you feel a little swoony like when you're watching a rom-com, note that there's nothing particularly "raw" about this filmed experience--according to Slate.com, the participants are models, musicians and actors.


High Five for First Kiss Parody

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