Farrah Abraham's (Not So) Bangin' New 'Do

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Farrah Abraham likes to change her appearance up quite often. Mostly, it's been in the form of plastic surgery, which she's readily admitted to and, of course, documented for magazine exclusives. She even showed herself getting cosmetic injections on Being Farrah. So, whatever with that...

This time, Farrah has changed something that she had left alone for quite some time and now we know why. In fact, it also explains why she was rocking a top hat during one of her recent appearances.

A fan posted this photo to Twitter, where the sex tape star is showing off her bangin' new 'do and really the only thing that's bangin' about it is the fact that she cut bangs. It kind of looks like she let her five-year-old play beauty shop, doesn't it?

Don't worry, Farrah...it will grow back, eventually. Of course, Farrah has much more important things to worry about than her bad bang job, anyway. She's recently received a cease and desist letter from Vivid Entertainment (the company that distributed her sex tape) because of some serious allegations she made about being drugged and raped while on tour promoting it.

"Farrah thinks she can insult and defame the Vivid brand and get away with it. Either she stops now or we will take immediate legal action. She will be held accountable," Steve Hirsch, the company's CEO told FishWrapper.

Unfortunately, that isn't the only time the sex tape star has been accused of faking it. She's also been accused of faking a relationship to get on VH1's Couples Therapy and there are questions about whether or not she rented a house to pretend to live in for her recent MTV special (sort of like the Kardashians did, but to a much greater extent). Thanks for "keeping it real," Farrah.

Sex Tape Star and Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Wants to Be 'Virgin Forever'

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