Kailyn Lowry Forced to Defend Her Birthday Bash

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Why is everyone hating on Kailyn Lowry lately? The Teen Mom 2 star took a lot of heat for a photo she posted of herself breastfeeding and then she stops breastfeeding for a few hours and then everyone's mad about that. You can't have it both ways, guys.

Apparently, people are mad that Kailyn had a birthday party without her kids (hey, people probably would have been mad if she brought them out, anyway) and girl got some major Twitter hate for the b-day bash.

She finally felt that she had to defend herself, tweeting, "If you're on my case for drinking to celebrate my birthday PLEASE tell me since you've had kids you've NEVER gotten a babysitter to go out."

Has anyone ever heard of pump and dump? If that's a new term to you, it's exactly what it sounds like, which is apparently what Kailyn did after the party anyway.

She also has a limited amount of time with her husband, who is in the Air Force and has to be gone a lot...in fact, he's about to take off for another month, which is probably why she had the birthday bash a full week before the big day.

Oh, and for anyone who still wants to hate on Kail, she posted this adorable photo from another, more kid-friendly party where she's holding her 4-month-old son Lincoln in her lap and she concluded with a quote about ignoring negativity with the caption "lesson learned." Now, if only someone could teach people to stop cyber-bullying.

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