Kid Rides Subway for Five Days to Avoid Scooping Dog Poop

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This kid doesn't want to pick up his dog's poop and he's willing to go to great lengths to get out of the stinky situation. Kareem Granton went missing last Wednesday after he was asked to pick up after his dog Queeny.

"This came down to someone who just didn't want to do his chores," a community activist said at a press conference when Kareem was found FIVE days later. "This was a kid who was just going to go out in the world on his own." Kareem spent the time riding around on the subway and survived on $10 he had been given by his stepdad, which he probably hoped the kid would spend on baseball cards or something.

Anyway, Kareem's anti-chores movement was actually kind of successful. During the time he was gone, someone probably picked up the poop and his parents were so happy when he was finally found, that it was hugs and smiles all around. Oh, and the officer who picked him up took him to McDonalds and bought him a McGriddle, which is a huge score. If it would have been a McRib, that would have been it.

For anyone considering a copycat chore-dodge, though, you might want to think again. Kareem's parents said he's gonna have to do some serious community service to pay for this one. Hey, the poor kid sat on the subway for five days, isn't that punishment enough? The moral of the story: Dogs need to learn to use the toilet.

(h/t E! Online)

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