Lorde's Awesome Reaction When Asked if She's in a Lesbian Relationship With Taylor Swift

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Media people, take note: Lorde doesn't like being asked about her relationship with Taylor Swift. She also doesn't like snarky comments about lesbians, either.

This all came to light during an interview with The Kyle & Jackie O Show, an Australian radio show on KIIS 106.5, which asked the "Royals" singer a series of dumb questions about her BFF. "I see you guys' pictures everywhere...are you guys like, together now?" Kyle asked, to which Lorde, who has a long-term boyfriend, gave a long pause before answering, "Uhhhh."

Trying to fill the awkward silence, the deejay continued to dig himself deeper, adding: "Not together as in lesbians, not like Ellen [DeGeneres] together...you guys are friendly, right?" The 17-year-old singer took him to task for that comment, replying: "What do you mean, you're not talking about Ellen together? Is there something wrong with lesbians?"

"Oh my god, no!" he quickly backtracked. "I would love that! Are you gonna confirm now you're in a lesbian relationship with her?" Lorde shut down the nosy guy yet again, answering: "Don't even try it." But he continued pressing her about Tay, asking: "She's very down to earth, right?"

"Uh, yeah," Lorde finally replied. Finally, Kyle realizes she's not going to blab about her bestie and sarcastically remarked, "Well, don't go too overboard explaining the friendship then." "I won't, believe me," she shot back.

Did we mention we love Lorde? Did we also mention Kyle and Jackie O are same two deejays who pretended to be royal relatives of Kate Middleton and prank called the hospital where she was having her baby, causing a nurse who fell for it to commit suicide? Classy.
Lorde Snaps When Asked About Lesbian Relationship with Taylor Swift
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