One Direction Guys Trash Dressing Room In Most Boy Band Way Possible

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The guys of One Direction don't exactly scream rowdy rock band, but this latest development has us looking at them in a new light. Looks like they tapped into that inner "don't care, I'm a rock star" role and had a full-on edgy rebellious moment.

They trashed a dressing room. The horror.

Only, not the way you might think--you know, broken furniture, smashed TVs and such. Nope, they did something on the artistic side (uh, slightly less edgy, we admit) and had a little graffiti sesh on the wall.

Well, you naughty bad boys.

Niall Horan confessed to Fabulous magazine (via "If anyone gets a b****king, we usually run away cos we're really mature like that! We all do a lot of messing."

Oh do tell, Nialler. He explained, "We've been drawing on walls in dressing rooms. In Manchester, I was against the wall texting and Louis Tomlinson came up and drew around me with a pen. We had to repaint it."

The hilarious part--they repainted the wall. Even when they're bad, they're good.

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