Target's Massive Bikini Photoshop Fail Creates Ridiculous Thigh Gap

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We're suckers for an epic photoshop fail--and boy, does this one fit the bill. On Target's website, they're selling this cute bikini and, at a glance, all looks good...right? Now look again and you'll spot some hella bad photo editing going on. first noticed that something just wasn't right with the model wearing the Xhilaration Junior's Midkini 2-Piece Swimsuit -Leopard Print. There are a number of things going on here that no human body could possible have--a thigh gap like no other and some slimming techniques that are off-the-charts horrible.

In an effort to achieve thigh gap, they took a chunk right out of her crotch! A closer inspection of the model's hip shows a bit of a chunk job there as well and her armpit and arm look all messed up too.

After being put on blast, a Target spokesperson sent a statement to Buzzfeed saying: "This was an unfortunate error on our part and we apologize. We have removed the image from our website."

But wait...there's more. Another Target bikini's backside view shows this interesting photoshop hackjob:

Target photoshop fail

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