Harry Styles Taking Helicopter Flying Lessons to Impress Women?

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Harry Styles is taking things to the next level--flying high with helicopter pilot lessons. Oh Harry, is there nothing you can't do? We imagine he'll have to spend even more time in the states to make this pilot dream come true.

A source tells the Daily Star (via OneDirection.net): "He can't think of anything cooler than being a helicopter pilot, so he booked himself a block of lessons through a company just outside of Los Angeles." The insider added, "With hard work and persistence, he reckons he can be qualified by the end of the year."

And if you're wondering why Harry is taking to the skies--well, of course, it would have to be to impress women, right? The source revealed: "The famous girls Harry tends to date aren't impressed with flash cars any more, so he wants to have something that will make their jaws drop."

Wow, that's pretty hilarious. Because spending time with Harry would be a yawnfest unless he was playing pilot boy and flying us high above the city.

The source took it one step further, however (as if that last bit wasn't laughable enough), noting: "Ultimately he wants a helicopter on standby, so he can just jump in and fly himself--and his date--anywhere he wants. That's something that would surely excite any girl."

We'd be excited without the copter, Harry. Just sayin'.

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