Kim Kardashian Living Paycheck to Paycheck?

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More money, more problems, right Kim Kardashian? A new report by In Touch weekly says that the reality star is "worth $40 million, but she's not earning enough each week to cover the costs." How in the world?

"Between renovating her $11 million mansion and buying designer duds and gifts like a $100,000 Cartier watch for fiance Kanye West, Kim's shelling out $1 million a month," their report claims.

"She's the rich version of living paycheck to paycheck," a "family friend" told them. First of all, they need to part ways with that pal because friends don't let friends talk to tabloids.

Second of all, how could anyone spend a million dollars a month? Sure, we all have dreams of winning the lottery and the laundry list of expensive things we would buy, but keeping up with that kind of spending every single month sounds like it could actually get kind of exhausting.

Plus, what about all of the free stuff that people are constantly sending to Kim and North West and probably their whole entire family? We can't imagine she even HAS to dig into her designer handbag to buy much of anything. Heck, she even reportedly makes money off of her own multi-million dollar weddings, so even if she does have to shell out some serious cash, it comes back to her tenfold. Although how many weddings can one actually have? (This will be number three, in case you lost count.)

Anyway, a rep for the 33-year-old reality star tells GossipCop that the report is "completely inaccurate." So in case you were losing sleep over Kim Kardashian's finances, you can now rest easy.

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