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Jamie Lynn Spears has been super busy working on her debut album and, of course, being a mom...because despite what we may think when we're mad at our own moms, it's a ton of work.

Still, the 22-year-old has another big project in the works--her wedding to Jamie Watson, which looks like it's going to be happening within hours kind of soon.

According to E! News, Jamie and Jamie (we still can't get over that) got their marriage license from Tangipahoa Parish Clerk of Court in Louisiana on March 5 and they're getting married mañana, also known as tomorrow for anyone who ditched that day in Spanish class.

Jamie (the guy) popped the question to Jamie (the girl) almost a year ago to the day and the singer posted a pic of the two of them on her Instagram page with the caption "Guess what?" but nobody really had to guess because she was flashing a giant rock and an even bigger smile.

We would suggest that they play Jamie Lynn's new single "How Could I Want More?" at the wedding because she wrote it about him, but she also said it was about a time when they had broken up, so that might be kind of awkward.

Anyway, we wish Jamie and Jamie all the best. Question: If they have a child together and named it Jamie (because, obvi) would it be Jamie II or Jamie III? Deep thought for the day...