Ariana Grande Shows Off New Neck Tattoo: What Does Mille Tendresse Mean?

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ariana grande
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Ariana Grande got a neck tattoo? Yeah, we never would have expected it either. Is she changing up her image? Well...not so fast...Ariana got the very girly (of course) ink in a place no one will ever see--the back of her neck, under her hair.

Ariana showed off the new tattoo on Twitter, sharing a pic of her getting the ink and then later, the finished product. While you might expect a cute puppy or rainbow, Ariana decided on a phrase: "mille tendresse."

But what does it mean? Turns out the French term of endearment means "a thousand tenderness." Sounds appropriately Ariana, doesn't it?

Ariana tweeted a selfie pic of the new ink, writing: "not exactly the easiest spot to get a photo of on your own but nonetheless I am very happy. thank you again @romeolacoste"

Romeo, of TV's Best Ink, also shared a pic of himself with the Sam & Cat star: "Guess who? Thanks @arianagrande for coming to get tattooed!"

Ariana Grande neck tattoo mille tendresse

Ariana Grande neck tattoo

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