Britney Spears: The $6 Million Mystery

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Money, money, money, mooonnnnneyyyyyyy. The lawyers representing Britney Spears' conservators have reportedly just gone to court requesting an urgent $6 million loan, according to RadarOnline.

Their report also claims that the judge approved the loan, although it is not specified what it was for. So, now the fun part starts. Let's all try to guess what Britney Spears needed $6 million for...

The obvious first guess is that she's marrying boyfriend David Lucado and that they're planning some lavish wedding. We think that is just way too boring and obvious, so we're going to come up with some of our own theories--because why not?

First things first, Brit's baby sis Jamie Lynn Spears is supposedly getting married today, so maybe the pop star was feeling super generous? Or maybe she decided she wants to buy a fancy home in Vegas for the duration of her two-year residency? We know, we know, those are both kind of boring, too.

But what the heck else would someone spend $6 million on? Cars? A tropical island? A trip to outer space? That would actually explain the spacesuit-type thing she was wearing the other day. Highly unlikely, especially because it turns out there was a much more Earthly explanation for the spacesuit, so what in the world is the $6 million for...and why was it so urgent?

Maybe she wants to help out poor Kim Kardashian who is reportedly living "paycheck to paycheck"? Chime in with your best guess below. The rest of the Internet is already speculating about it, might as well get in on the action.

Britney Spears Isn't the Queen Of Vegas... Yet!

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