These 11 Celebs Are Addicted to Pizza--and They Have a Funny Way of Showing It!

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If the Oscars taught us anything, it's that celebrities love them some pizza. We guess they really are just like the rest of us!

Jennifer Lawrence is always sniffing around for a slice, obvi

And we all know nothing comes between Niall and, well, anything remotely edible

But did you know that Zac Efron loves pizza so much, he sings to it?

Beyonce even makes it magically appear at her concerts

Speaking of Beyonce, the thought of pizza makes President Obama bust out this move

Prince Eric, who? Here's the real reason Ariel wanted to be part of our world

Brad Pitt not only scarfed down pizza at the Oscars, he helped hand it out,

Just call him...

Elsa has impressive pizza dough-twirling skills

Then there's Katy Perry, who's mastered the art of looking cute while chowing down


Lea Michele? Not so much. She gets a little too emotional when eating her favorite food

What was Ryan Gosling thinking of while filming the most romantic movie ever? PIZZA!

Alas, there's one person in Hollywood who hates the mere mention of it

Ah, well. More pizza for the rest of us!


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