Britney Spears: Sweatin' in a Spacesuit

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Oops! She did it again...we know, that's what everyone says every time Britney Spears does something twice, but this time it's actually totally relevant.

Here's the deal: Remember the spacesuit BritBrit wore in her "Oops! I Did It Again" video? Well, she's resurrected the spacey style and was walking around Calabasas, CA (aka where the Kardashians live) wearing a very similar shiny suit.

There are a couple differences between the first and second spacesuits, though. The first one, which she wore in the year 2000 (wow, time flies) was super sexy and kind of a "look how amazing my body is" type of situation. The second one, however, was a little more on the frumpy side and according to E! News, helps the person wearing it to accelerate "super profuse sweating" and release toxins. Not hot.

It's also kind of weird that she would just be wearing that thing to walk around like it's NBD. It's not like you just forgot to zip up your fly and maybe nobody will notice. You're wearing a bright silver, parachute-looking spacesuit. People are going to notice.

Anyway, whatever she's doing, it's working because Britney is looking really good these days. Maybe not 2000 good, but that was 14 years and 2 kids ago, so we'll cut her some slack.

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