Victoria Beckham's Mysterious Workout Wardrobe

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You know that phrase "You have as many hours in the day as Beyonce"? Well, it looks like Victoria Beckham really took it to heart.

The busy mom was attempting to show off her multi-tasking skills in this Twitter photo she posted on Thursday. "Thank u @SusieCollege. Every office should have one of these, work out and work at the same time!! Genius!! X vb," she captioned the photo, which we definitely give her bonus points for if she posted while doing the rest of this stuff.

OK, this photo totally would have made us feel bad about ourselves in 'Dang, Victoria Beckham works out while she works and I'm just sitting in my cubicle stuffing my face with Cheetos' kind of way. But instead, it kind of annoyed us and here's why.

First things first, let's start with the obvious. Who works out in sky-high stilettos and a trench coat?! Exactly--nobody...not even Victoria Beckham, because walking in those is hard enough when we absolutely have to, nobody in their right mind would CHOOSE to wear those shoes while they're working out. Plus, Dr. Scholl's definitely wouldn't approve.

Second thing, the full-on styled hair, perfect makeup AND gigantic hoop earrings. No. Just no. We've seen those girls at the gym and we give them dirty looks. Why? Because workout time is not sexy time.

Don't believe us? Try it and you'll see what we mean. All it takes is one innocent sweat wipe across your face and your crisp white towel shows everyone just how much face paint you were (keyword: were) actually wearing.

Lastly, if you're going to try that hard to convince us that you're actually pulling this ridiculousness off, you've gotta sell it a little harder. Obvi, the outfit leaves much to be desired in the workout wardrobe department, but VB might have still been able to win us over if she actually had her hands ON the keyboard. Sure, that's probably an ergonomically correct position, but you've gotta put the fingers to the keyboard if you want to make the magic happen, girl.

Take away the treadmill OR the outfit and this would have been a super hot snapshot, but instead it just ended up being kind of a hot mess.

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