These Kids Flip When the Ice Cream Truck Comes

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You know when someone falls right in front of you and you have to try so hard not to laugh in their face? Especially if it's a kid because that will make you 10 times more evil? That's the beauty of YouTube. You can laugh all you want and they'll never know.

Such is the case for this video, which we almost fell off of our own chairs when we watched. Basically, it's 26 seconds, but if you're pressed for time, you can skip the first 15. If you don't have 11 seconds to spare, you probably shouldn't be reading this to begin with.

If you're still with us, these two dudes are hanging out in the kitchen and when they hear the ice cream truck, they find themselves in a fierce fight with gravity that both of them end up losing.

The first kid literally just falls out of nowhere. Literally, the dude just tips over. It's kind of crazy. The second one makes much more sense. The ice cream truck is exciting, his legs probably got tangled up in the chair and let's face it, little man was eating a bean sandwich, of course he's going to bail when something better comes along--even if it means getting a few scrapes along the way.

So far, seven million people have watched this video and while some are criticizing the person for putting this up just so that we could laugh at the little kids. You know what, though? They put it on YouTube and we're in the business of finding funny stuff, not dishing out parenting advice, so we will watch it and we will laugh and we won't feel bad about it.

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