Band Surprises Injured SXSW Fan in Hospital

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Last week, two were killed and many more injured after a suspected drunk driver plowed into a crowd at SXSW as he was fleeing from police.

During times of terrible tragedy, however, there are always people who step up to the plate and display incredible acts of human kindness. Whether it's photos of people helping the injured or other incredible acts of heroism, there is always something done by someone that helps restore our faith in humanity and the SXSW tragedy is no exception.

The band Jared & The Mill actually went to the hospital to play a private set for one of their biggest fans who had been injured in the accident. Mason Endres, 18, is recovering from a fractured neck, a broken leg and a broken nose, among other injuries, but she still sang along as her favorite band performed at her bedside and it was all captured on video.

"We played the songs she wanted to hear," Jared Kolesar [the band's singer] told Mashable. "She's just as much our friend as she is our fan. "

"We couldn't move before it just mowed us down," Mason's friend Grace Neill told the Austin, TX website "Then we look around, and not everyone is with us, and we realized that Mason is gone."

Fortunately, Mason's father says she's going to be fine, but he acknowledges that they were actually some of the lucky ones. "There are some people out there that are not as lucky as us," he explained. As of Saturday, six patients from the crash remained hospitalized: two in good condition, two in serious condition and two in critical condition.

Our hearts go out to all the victims of this tragedy and their families.

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