Demi Lovato's Warrior Spirit Shines in Inspiring New Video

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Guess what? Demi Lovato is flawed. Though she's pure perfection to her fans, Demi admits in this new Clean & Clear "See the Real Me" video that she's still a work in progress.

She's never short on offering up inspiration, drawing from her own personal journey to share words of wisdom with her Lovatics. And best of all--she's always about keeping it real.

She explains, "With two years of sobriety people think that I have it all together when in fact I'm just beginning. It's easy for people to assume that everything's taken care of and that I'm always camera ready, but in fact I wake up every day like everyone else. I have the same worries and fears that everyone does."

See? She's just like the rest of us.

Demi continued, "The hardest part about working on myself is being honest with not only myself but everyone around me. Things like therapy and constantly staying in touch with people that have helped me get to the place where I'm in today, and I'm still facing these obstacles and these problems and getting through it the best way that I can. I'm a sister, I'm a daughter, I'm a warrior."

"People think that I've got myself together but I'm actually still a work in progress," she admits.

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