Kim Kardashian: I Have Three Cell Phones

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Guests may not be able to bring cell phones to Kim Kardashian's wedding, but she has three and she can bring them all if she wants to--although if we had to bet, we think there is one that has a much better chance of being on "the list" than the other two. More on that in a second.

How do we know Kim has three phones? Yeah, we've seen her using a couple different ones, but when it comes to confirming important earth-shattering facts like how many cell phones Kim K. has, we need confirmation and thanks to her Mobio INsider page, we got it.

When a fan asked her if she preferred the iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy, Kim said, "hmmm i have both! I love samsung for photos, i love apps on iPhone and i still have my blackberry yes i have 3 phones. eeeekkkkkkk."

In related news, Kim has been accused of Photoshopping more than a few of her Instagram snaps and as it turns out, her go-to fave phone for photos has some GREAT photo editing features. Editing or not, if that's her numero uno for photos, we are pretty sure that is the one she'll be bringing to the wedding. Has anyone ever snapped a selfie WHILE they're saying their vows?

Anyway, in case you haven't had a chance to check out Kim's Mobio INsider page, we'll save you some time. She prefers hot baths to cold showers (who doesn't?), she isn't in Brazil, but she like totally loves it there, she's only 5' 2.5" tall (gotta get that .5 in there--every little bit counts) and on the food front, she prefers pizza over sushi and waffles over pancakes. You're welcome.

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