Lady Gaga Posts Naked Photo of Herself in the Bathtub

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Lady Gaga may be running out of ideas. The pop star raised some controversy after she had a puke painter vomit on her during her SXSW performance of 'Swine.' In addition to being flat-out offensive to those who currently or have previously struggled with eating disorders, it was also something Gaga had attempted to "shock" us with a couple of years ago during her Monster Ball tour. In fact, it may have even been the same "vomit painter" because we can't imagine there is a huge selection when it comes to that particular "craft."

Needless to say, we were less than impressed. Now, Gaga is attempting to shock us with yet another nude photo of herself, which we saw more than our fair share of in the weeks and months leading up to the release of 'ARTPOP.'

"I loved every moment with you Austin. Last night's show healed my soul. Creative Rebellion is ARTPOP. Release yourself from every expectation. Be free," she captioned her half-submerged photo, which she posted on her Little Monsters page.

OK, so this one was a little different with the whole being naked in the bathtub thing but guess what? She has done that before, too. Remember the 'Marry the Night' video anyone? Yep, naked in the bathtub--and the water actually had a green tint in that shocking shot, too, because she was coloring her hair with some teal stuff and some had made its way into the water.

If she comes out with yet another meat dress, that's gonna be where we have to draw the line. Gaga is full of good ideas, so why is she recycling some that weren't even Gaga-worthy to begin with?

Lady Gaga Gets Vomited On At SXSW

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