'Let It Go' Cover Unlike Any Other: Guy Sings as Disney and Pixar Characters

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This Frozen "Let It Go" cover is unlike any other--once again reminding us that the internet is a truly wonderful place (sometimes).

We know, you've seen just about every parody and cover of "Let It Go" there is...but here's just one more we guarantee you're gonna love. Trust us.

Brian Hull, a voice actor, tackles more than 20 Disney and Pixar characters, singing different parts of the now famous Frozen tune, in the voices of Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Winnie the Pooh, and Lion King, Up and Monsters Inc. characters.

We think Brian's voice impersonations on this song are so good, we'd love to see him sing it again with another round of characters.

We pretty much lost it on Dug and Scuttle though--hilarious.

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