Parents Singing Frozen 'Love Is An Open Door' In Car Inspires Twin Brothers Parody Video

Tags:frozen, viral video

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For everyone tired of the countless Frozen "Let It Go" covers, a cutie couple decided to have a go at singing "Love Is An Open Door" (well, lip syncing, anyway) while their bored kid sat in the back seat. And we loved it.

But then...the video inspired a parody. Yes, we've hit maximum capacity on all things Frozen, but these adorbs twin brothers decided to have a go at "Love Is An Open Door" in the car--with their bored mom sitting in the back seat.

But, since they're both men, someone has to pick up the Anna part--and they make it work. Also? They nailed it.

Note to self: take video next time we're singing along to the Frozen soundtrack...which, let's be honest, is most of the day, really.

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